A note from Levi Andrew Noe, the creator of Tall Tales Yoga

Thanks for taking the time and interest to learn a little bit more about Tall Tales Yoga. This program is built from a foundation of my three greatest passions: teaching, yoga and storytelling. This is the story of how it came about.

I have been working with students ranging in age from 0 to college age for about nine years. I’ve been at Montessori Academy of Colorado since 2007, the Montessori School of Washington Park since 2012 and I taught English abroad in Japan for a year, working with children ages 0-12. I also work with college age students with learning differences and special needs.

My yoga practice began when I was 18. I have been practicing every day for 12 years now. In 2012, following my year of teaching ESL in Japan, I took a trip to Rishikesh, India where I got my yoga teacher certification.

I have been a writer and teller of stories since I knew how to use a pencil. I have had poems and stories published in a number of journals and in 2013 I self published a children’s book titled One Day as a Raven. In Tall Tales Yoga I take my writing passion and turn it into yoga stories. Children listen to an original tale and perform the story through their movements and yoga poses.

In 2012 I started working on a yoga program that was suited for children. Kids, especially young ones, have their own way of moving, of breathing, making peace, and playing. I learned from children that it would not do to lead a very serious yoga class in which I would expect them to perform flawless asanas and memorize sequences of movements. I designed Tall Tales to meet children on their yoga level. Through a mixture of games, fun focusing exercises, relaxation and storytelling we make yoga fun, accessible and meaningful.

I never practiced yoga as a kid. I never even knew what it was. The opportunity to learn mindfulness, body-awareness and self-control right alongside math, reading and writing was a very farfetched theory only a decade ago. I am grateful we live in such balanced times as these where more and more children are being given the chance to learn the full spectrum of capabilities of their minds and bodies. Tall Tales Yoga can offer these tools to the child, but I will always humbly acknowledge that children are the true teachers and it is only through them that Tall Tales could exist or achieve success at all.

Be Well,
Levi Andrew Noe