Lots has been happening in Tall Tales in 2015. The most excitement has been centered around our three new e-books and audiobooks. We've been working for months on producing the e-books and audiobooks, and the stories themselves are years in the making. It's always an amazing feeling seeing something that was just an idea in your head come to life in a physical way. This transformation from the mental, conceptual, abstract into the physical is a huge component of what Tall Tales is all about.


And this leads us to our latest adventure in crowdfunding. We have launched a Kickstarter to help us bring the e-books into print and the audiobooks onto a CD.  The Kickstarter will also help in bringing awareness to the program and the books, as well as covering overhead. In addition, we plan on donating 10% of all funds raised to bring the program and books into underfunded schools. 


The Kickstarter page explains everything in detail, so please take a look now. And help us spread the word by sharing the Kickstarter on your social media and in your network. And for a very special gift, below are links to one of our e-books and  audiobook. Just click below and see what a Tall Tales Yoga story looks and sounds like. 


As always, thanks for taking the time to learn more about Tall Tales Yoga, we look forward to sharing with you the progress of our campaign!


The Lion Who Couldn't Roar e-Book

The Lion Who Couldn't Roar Audiobook