The Program

For children ages 3-11

A story-based yoga program for kids

At your school, studio, or private event

Let’s set a date. We can provide a variety of program options. Let us know what you need. We currently still have availabilities 

The benefits of yoga and mindfulness are paramount for health and wellness for all people of every age, but children are especially receptive to the benefits during the crucial years of their development. There’s more! We are more than just a yoga program. Through storytelling we work with language arts skills, auditory processing and many other cognitive skills. In addition, our program creates a space for kids to explore their own self-regulation and self-control while quieting and stilling their bodies and minds to listen to their own awareness.

Do you want everything for your children?
You want them healthy, happy, smart, balanced, calm and well rounded.
It’s a big job, but we’re here to help.

What we do is enrich kids on many levels simultaneously, all in one program. We provide healthy fitness, exercise and self-control for the body with movement in games, exercises, and yoga poses. We work out the mind and imagination through storytelling, art, visualization and auditory processing, as well as addressing many other cognitive skills. We give kids a way to process and release emotions as well as enter into a state of relaxation and calmness. We do it all in one hour. And we come to you.

We specialize in a unique and engaging approach to yoga for the whole child of every learning type. Using stories, games, fun activities and relaxation techniques every student walks away with a dose of peace and wellness.

Including all the benefits of yoga and mindfulness, our techniques also focus on the following skills: Executive Functions, Motor, Thinking, Auditory Processing, Visual and Spatial Processing, Sustained and Divided Attention, Emotional Self-Regulation, Visual and Spatial Processing, and Language, plus many more.

Our unique, kid-tested, parent-approved approach to whole health for the whole child can be brought to you. Interested? Find out how to get Tall Tales Yoga into your school or studio. Contact us.

In addition, you can take our stories home with you and practice yoga with your young ones in your own living room. Visit our store.